Sunday, August 12, 2007

Make any Folder INVISIBLE in Windows XP

Have you ever wondered, how can you make a folder invisible without even using any kind of softwares in windows XP?

Well, here is the answer to that. It is very much possible and Windows will help us in doing this.


Lets see the answer

1. Create any new Folder.
2. Right click and go to Rename, remove the content, press “Alt” and type “0160″. The Folder name would become NIL.
3. Now go on to the properties of the folder and click “Customize”, and click “Change Icon”.
4. Here you will find some icons without any kind of images.
5. Select any of these images and click “OK”. You will now see that your folder is now invisible.
If you will select it then it will be shown like this.

But in a normal manner when you will open your Drive/Folder, it will be Invisible.