Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tricks : Access Blocked Websites

Websites which have been blocked in many countries can be accessed.Here are some tricks that might help :

1.Proxy server :Use a proxy server to access restricted sites.A proxy server (or proxies) is a normal computer that hides the identity of computers on its network from the Internet. Which means that only the address of the proxy server is visible to the world and not of those computers that are using it to browse the Internet. Just visit the proxy server website with your Web browser and enter a URL (website address) in the form provided.

List of Proxy servers

Just click on this link and it will take you to a page having a long list of proxies.You can either choose one yourself or let the service choose a random proxy for you.You can now visit any site with these proxy servers.

Also bookmark the DMOZ directory of free web-based proxy services and DMOZ directory of free proxy servers .

2.Convert ip to decimal:The third trick may work at some places and wont at others.This is a lesser known trick i came across recently.Suppose you want to access www.orkut.com.

Go to start->run type cmd.
Now type ping www.orkut.com (space between ping and www)
You will get an ip address for www.orkut.com ,note it down.
Now go to http://www.allredroster.com/iptodec.htm

Enter the ip in the enter ip address field and press calculate.You will get an address in Decimal field.This is it.Copy this address and type it in your browser,if lucky www.orkut.com or any other blocked site for which you do this should open.

For example,for orkut you get the decimal address as

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Ajay said...

Latest Domain:pmod.info
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Secure Server : https://www.pagemod.com/ USeful if ur behind Websense,fortinet or for schools and offices etc ..
Tunneling Server: http://www.pagemod.com:1234/ useful if ur accessing from home in countires lke UAE.You will
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Even Email and group Subscription to get updates on new domains
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New Domains

If any thing goes wrong and you cannot access the site.send email to report@pagemod.com for more help.
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